Help! I need a Simplex 4010 Part!

Hello Everyone

This topic is specifically aimed at Simplex Techs on the forums, but anyone who can help, please do so.

I recently purchased a used Simplex 4010 from eBay, and i decided to make a demonstration system out of it.

It powers on, i was able to factory default it, etc. Anyway, i started to wire the system up, and i noticed the terminal block for the SLC Loop is missing, and can be removed, so its not damaged.

Attached is an image of a 4010 Board (not mine) circled in red is the terminal piece i need. Does anyone have an extra that they’d be willing to send/sell me? If so, please shoot me a PM!

Other than that, any help at all or pointers to where i can find one would be great.


Um… so apparently the image i uploaded 10 seconds ago, is no longer available…

Here is a direct link: