Help With Industrial (explosion proof) Horn/Strobes

Is there anyone out there with experience in industrial (explosion-proof) horn/strobes? All that I am finding have a HUGE current draw. What are people using for power supplies? Battery backup? Which horn/strobes are being used?

Try car batteries. They are usually rechargeable and grind out quite a bit of current. Get a couple to make 24V, but stay within the amperage limits.


Explosion proof devices and wiring get expensive. I have used Edwards 116DEXSTC strobes and CPG ASHP-24SMR amplified speakers in hazardous locations. Check their rating for your specific application. The speaker uses a programmable card to produce horn tones. I generally power these with a Honeywell HPF24S8 power supply.

what about sync? It looks like the edwards one you posted requires constant voltage to run.


My experience with these strobes did not require synchronization. The rooms they were installed in are small and only had one unit. I’ll do some research and see if a synch module is available. Some control panels or booster power supplies may have the capability of syncing them too. Depends on your application.