How do I live stream

As some of you may know I have a Q&A coming up. And I have a couple questions on how to use Google plus lifestream so here are my questions

  1. How do I scheduled the Lifestream. As some of you may know New Age server alarms Q&A is been saying on his Channel he has scheduled a lifestream how do I do that?

If I have more questions I will post them in the comments below please if anyone knows the answer to this question please post it in the comment box

Go to Google+ and set up a hangout. Click the box that says it’ll broadcast of air. Just don’t invite people to it unless you want to.

But ahead of time it says he will be haveing a broadcast with a link and when you click on it it says the live stream has not started yet please wait and then he comes on how do I get it to say I will be broadcasting ahead of time

I couldn’t tell ya how he does that. I’ve never dealt with any live streams. I’d say send out a post to your feed and just go live.

You must have your birth year set for older than 18-21 in order to do a stream, as minors are not allowed to do so. On my youtube channel, I accidentally used my real birthdate (13) and I’m restricted from streaming.

Ok I’ll do that

I would not lie about your age on youtube.

Reasons, when the time comes you wont be able to get full partnership.

Ok but I am gona keep my Chanel but how do you do it when your like 14