How to wire Holtzer-Cabot Fire Tapper to a Gamewell firebox?

I’ve been retired for 14 years from the fire department, and I swear my memory has suffered! I recently got the urge to acquire a fire tapper and take-up reel. I want to build a setup that will demonstrate to friends, family, whoever, as to what happens (or happened as it may be) when a firebox alarm is pulled. The sad part is, I had a demonstrator built and operating years ago. I can’t for the life of me remember how I wired the system? I’m pretty sure I could fumble my way through the circuit, but I didn’t want to cook any components along the way. So, the long and short of my seeking help…a simple diagram to power my Gamewell firebox, send the signal to the tapper and , of course, a bell. Thanks in advance!!!


No replies, But I figured it out! thanks just the same!

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