I may be obtaining a lot of stuff in the near future

The building supervisor of my school recently said that the system of the whole school fire alarm system (simplex mechanical horn/strobes, original 4004 system) is going to be overhauled with voice evac and a 4100es, and that I can have the stuff from the old systems. this will include:
2- wire horn/strobes
4- wire horn/strobes
2099 addressable pull stations
4099 addressable pull stations
detectors of one sort or another
Edwards red nurse call lamps (separate system, but i will still get them.)
simplex 4004
suspicious unknown control panel (supposedly simplex 7100?)

I apologize for the lack of model numbers, but i can give further information if needed, to the best of my ability. i am wanting to put together a secondary home system of sorts, and i need help figuring some stuff out.

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Cool! Could you post pictures of the stuff when you get it

possibly. mind you, this may be a while. nothing comes quickly at my school. the lamps will be coming to me quickly, though. i will be removing them personally.

Ok. I can wait for a little while

I wonder what that panel is, Since there seems to be Addressable pulls on a 4004 (Conventional) System…

i think some 4004s were addressable.

I may be confusing it with a 4004R then.

i do not know, maybe.

That’s awesome to hear, best of luck that everything goes well!

thank you. i hope everything goes well too.

Apologies for not updating for a while. I have four of the lamps, with hopefully a lot more on the way, and the system is possibly coming out this summer, since the school is undergoing generator and HVAC overhauls as well this summer.

Good luck on obtaining the rest of the devices. I love when I get to benefit from someone else’s old system. I’ve got a few systems worth of devices already, and possibly a complete Simplex 2001 system on the way as well. We’ll see.

Awesome! I cant wait to see pics.

I might also sell the internals of one device, since it was replaced with a truealert horn a while ago, and the strobe will be held on to for parts.