Idea: Allow users to get rid of board warnings

Hello, I recently go a board warning, my second one :cry:

I know this makes it so I can never be a mod(oh well). I just don’t like make two more violations and I am banned…

We are all human. We make mistakes. That’s why I think we should adopt my middle schools “point system” for each board warning, it’s 5 points. We can get them removed by being helpful, causing no problems, and making the board a better place!

Holding someone accountable for something that happens along time ago is extreme

I like that idea!

I believe the board warnings clear after 90 days. However, this is adjustable in the ACP. We should ask Ryan what it is set at.

^LIKE! We need that add-on lol :smiley:

Maybe this can be passed! :smiley:

But at the end of the day, its their choice…

Hmmmm, didn’t know that

You have a Phpbb forum set up, go look in the control panel for it. Most settings there should be available here.

There’s nothing written in the forum rules saying you’d NEVER be a mod because you got some warnings.

Don’t forget that warnings do expire. I will be adding a clause stating that users with active warnings are not eligible until this warnings expire. I do believe in forgiveness and second chances, which is why I do not think that a warning should be enough to lock someone out of becoming a moderator later on down the road.

The board warnings are set at 90 days. After that time, the warning will expire automatically and the counter will goes down. After the warning expires, I’ll forget that the event even happened.

I will be having a talk with the moderation team though, get their opinions and stuff, maybe we will agree to reduce the duration for all new warnings. I’ll keep everyone up to date with what we decide to do.

Thanks Andrew!