Isn't this a Code Violation?

Having a fire exit locked regardless of the keep clear sign?


I would guess it’s the exit from the other side of the door - I say that because the door swings toward you. In that case, the thumb latch on the other side would be fine. Is there an exit sign above that side of the door? If so, then yes, a violation.

Actually, there is no thumb latch; and I had to report the exit sign to maintenance (it wasn’t on)! Not to mention there is now a battery trouble (according to the indicator light)!

Edit: I have study hall in the room with the other side of the door.

So you recorded the video on the “A” side of the door. On the “B” side of the door there is an exit sign above and the lock is keyed (both sides are keyed). Yes, that would be a violation if the door is locked. The door should be kept unlocked when the building is occupied or there should be a means to unlock the door from the exit side, such as a thumb latch. The signs you see on the door indicating “Fire Exit Do Not Block” simply are there so someone doesn’t place things in front of the door such as desks or chairs that would prevent someone from opening the door from the other side. They are not there to indicate to you that this door is meant to be an exit. I’ve seen doors that say “Fire Exit Do Not Block” and have a second sign that says “Not An Exit”.

I will record the other side of the door today.

Edit: The worse part is, this door is the mandatory 2nd exit (yes, the other room has no windows).

The other side: