It’s a long shot, but did anyone happen to attend New Trier West before the reopening in 2000?

I’m attending there now, and while the system now is Wheelock ASs and Exceders there are some remnants of an old Simplex system from before the (year) 2000 renovation. Those remnants being old plates for horns mounted in the wall and plates for mounting pulls. NT West and NT East combined in the late ‘80s, and I am assuming between then and 2000 the alarm system has been replaced.

Right now, NT East has an interesting system from what I have seen; in the old areas of the school there is a mix of ASs, Exceders, and MASSes! Never heard it go off, will have to wait until next year. In the part renovated in 2016 there are chime strobes in the huge 3 floor open area, and Exceders in the music wing. There is a single lonely Gentex GOS/GOT/SHG (would have to hear it to tell the difference) near the Gates Gym entrance. The Gates Gym has a mix of ASs and MASSes, however the gym is being demolished and replaced in a few weeks, as it is 93 years old and is clearly showing its age.

Haven’t been in the rest of NT East, only seen these parts when going there for Pep Band.

If anyone knows what system NT West/NT East used in times past, do post it here! I have tried looking through old yearbooks but there are almost no pictures with the fire alarms in them. Plus, the pictures are very blurry, likely due to some poor scanning technique they used.