Live Q&A Questions

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been paying attention to YouTube then you’ll see I am going to do a Live Q&A.

When It’ll Be On:
I’ve decided to do it for an hour on Friday, February 22, 2013 at:
7:00 PM EST (My time zone)
6:00 PM CST
5:00 PM MST
4:00 PM PST
12:00 AM GMT
If you don’t live in one of the time zones I listed, then figure out when based on my time zone.
Also, if you are unable to watch during one of those times, it will be recorded and uploaded after the Q&A ends.

How to View:
Go to my channel before 7:00 and watch the Feed section where I post all my updates.
There will be a place there to click to see the live stream. It will look like a regular YouTube video.
Once you click on that it will say the stream hasn’t started yet, just watch that, it will start automatically.

If you have a question and are unable to watch, go ahead and leave a reply to this topic below and I will add it to the list. All questions must be in my 7:00 EST. Anything after that will not be answered!
I will not accept questions posted as comments on my YouTube channel.

The comment area is not in the usual spot on a Live video. it is actually where the “Related Videos” would be, not on the bottom of the video.

Asking during the show
When the show starts on my YouTube channel, you will be able to post comments and I wil be able to receive them live. Please note there is a delay between post and answer. Note that if I don’t see it, it won’t be answered. If you want it answered for sure, post it here and I’ll put it on my list.

What kind of questions?

  • Something about a specific fire alarm
  • Questions about my fire alarm system, including my panel
  • How I make my videos
  • About me, if it is too personal I won’t answer
  • Technical Stuff
  • Anything else as long as it isn’t what’s below:

What NOT to ask:
Watch this video.

If you’re unsure…
If you don’t know if I’ll take your question or not, post it anyway. If it fits my criteria I will answer it.

Q: How does your panel detect a faulty/disconnected smoke?
Q: How does the Simplex numbering scheme for NAs and pull stations (like, starting with the 2903-XXXX generation) work?

Q:Will you ever be posting anything on how to build Alertek panels and how to program them? Maybe a panel like the 8004 or 8005? That would be really cool :slight_smile:

Q:what is the point of smart sync on a simplex truealert if the strobe only flashes only 1 time or dose it flash more then 1 time on a panel

this upcomming question is to you not to be on the list thank you

how do i get to the live stream

Q: Will you offer a download for your Minecraft map?
I believe it will be on his Youtube channel, not sure how Google+ works.

Now for my question.

Will you explain the whole program that runs on the i8005? We know you use a PICAXE 40x2 so maybe you can get us a “BASIC” (rim shot) glimpse into it.

(BASIC is the programming language that gets interpreted by the PICAXE bootloader on PIC microcontrollers for those who didn’t get the joke.)

Edited the original post, to add some information I forgot before.
I was a little distracted by my aunt yesterday while writing that post.

I have a question as well (when you get time). What type of wire do you utilize in your home system? I have always wondered and I thought I noticed CAT5 in one of your videos but I wasn’t sure if it was only used for part or all of your system. Thanks :slight_smile:

Did the Gentex GX-90 strobes have a smart sync module due to Simplex rebranding? I’m confused because (nameless) said that they did yet the strobes can run freely.

What about that corporation map 5 fire alarm game with 4040’s and 4050’s?

i bet your gonna set something on fire