Mac OS X Lion

I suppose some of you heard Mac OS X 10.7 Lion came out yesterday? I don’t plan on getting it yet; my eMac and PowerMac G4 cannot run Lion because they use PowerPC G4 processors (so far my eMac uses 10.5 Leopard and my PowerMac G4 on 10.4 Tiger).

With it also came a new version of the MacBook Air and an updated Mac Mini. With the latter, there are now two models at $599 and $799 instead of one $699 model. Both computer lines now use the newer Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. The high-end Mac Mini also now has a discrete graphics card with its own memory (and is the first Intel Mac Mini to do so), but both Minis no longer have an optical drive! (Apple’s MacBook Air SuperDrive will work with the Minis, I’ve been told.) At least the new Mac Minis still have HDMI and FireWire 800.

Apple also discontinued the white MacBook. So now you only have the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. I was trying to decide wether to buy the $999 MacBook or the $1199 MacBook Pro, but I guess I’ll have to go for the Pro.

To upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, you will need to download it from the Mac App Store. It does not ship on a disc as of now. It does come with all new Macs though. And of course, it is Intel-only like Snow Leopard was.

Apple came out with a few other surprises, such as a revamped Final Cut Pro (seems more like an advanced, “professional” iMovie.)

Cool; one of my older brothers owns a white MacBook, and my grandmother has gone through a couple of Apple computers, too, the first of which looked like something you would see inside a computer lab (our district used to have first-generation iMacs).

I would probably love to own an Apple computer when I live on my own; it has many advantages over windows in more ways than one, and from what I have read as a subscriber to Consumer Reports, it has excellent customer service.

Yep, I agree. Even my old eMac from 2005 running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard seems much better than Windows (even Windows 7 at times!) I went with the eMac because at the time I could not afford a new iMac or MacBook (only got it for $160, with free shipping!)

Not only did they come out with new versions of some products, all the keyboards have been changed: the Dashboard Key has been changed to Launch Pad’s icon, and the Expose key has been changed to Mission Control’s icon.

Finally got around to updating my mac mini last week. I think Lion is a good operating system from what I’ve seen so far. I especially like some of the little things that were updated, such as the way submit-buttons look now and the new scrolling directions (although it’s going to take a little work getting used to. :lol: )

The scrolling directions can be reversed in System Preferences.

Yeah, I know that, but I think it makes more sense this way. Isn’t it kind of weird how the page content usually moves down when we scroll up? Besides, someday this may be the standard in all Apple computers, and I would rather adjust to it now, at my leisure, than later, when I’m forced to.