Model Number?

Does anybody know the model number from those speakers? I have never seen anything like that before…

(This was from an eBay auction.)

The station appears to be an MS-51.
The signals are probably ETWP-WS or something… not sure exactly.

Well, if anybody wants to buy it, here’s the link:

I always think of them as speaker/strobe versions of the Wheelock 7002T. I have seen them before at a parking garage in Boston.

Thanks for the link. It’s been like…forever since I’ve bought any new alarms.

I’ve seen the speaker/strobes before; Eastern Michigan University’s Pierce Hall has these throughout the building.

They have those at the Saratoga Racetrack w/ BG-8 pulls:

Some of them are surface mounted, this one was semi-flush mounted. Of course, the rest is a post for another topic…

ET-1010-WS24. I recently bought one from the same seller along with a Pyrotronics MSX and Wheelock MB-G6-24-R. The strobe doesn’t work though. :frowning:

Is anyone else bidding on it? I noticed I was outbid. If someone else buys it, would anyone be willing to sell me one of the speaker/strobes?

I’ve seen those same speaker/strobes at South Station in Boston, MA. They had a Kidde voice-evacuation system of some sort. They can be found in the main station area, but some areas have Wheelock E70 speaker/strobes, and on the platforms there are Federal Selectone speakers with non-ADA strobes.

So Firefly, did you win it?

Nope, somebody else did.


I know, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been relisted!!!

that exact pull and alarm are installed in 3 of the animal houses at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.