Most ANNOYING notification appliance (Neverending Poll)

What company has the most annoying notification appliance? (Please narrow it don to the notification appliance for me and why it is annoying.)

  • Simplex
  • Wheelock
  • System Sensor
  • EST (Edwards)
  • Federal Signal
  • Gentex
  • FCI
  • Faraday
  • Siemens (Cerebrus Pyrotechnics)
  • IBM
  • Standard Electric
  • Other (Please mention what it is.)
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Tell me what notification appliance is the most annoying to you. I have to bring it down to companies. Tell me which notification appliance it is and why.

Definitely The AS

the most annoying that I can think of are Hi-Lo.

I say the U-HNH.

Uk sounders. Just loud, shrill, obnoxious, and annoying, Although I have nothing against them

I said CP/Siemens, because of the U-MMT and the MTL. I think all of their tones are ugly sounding; even vibrating chime gets annoying really fast.

Really since I have not heard many of these I can’t say…

I say Wheelock.

As for the U-HNH being the most annoying…i actually like it.

I think that U-MMTs and Edwards horns are the most annoying.

^Does that mean you’re annoying too? :wink:

I’d have to go with C-P/Siemens/Faraday due to the U-HNH and MTL/U-MMT. System Sensor is also up there - the original SpectrAlert is annoying because it’s everywhere, and the MASS and Advance because of the sounds they make.

There are alot that I’ve experienced but honestly I’ll say my top 3…

3.Edwards 874-N5 (Had to go to school with this from grade 1-8 and honestly in my mind I’d go through a panic attack whenever teachers would announce a fire drill to us)
2.Gentex GX-90S-4 (Had this in my aunt’s old building. I only heard it once there when someone had pulled the alarm and it terrified me and got really annoying after 10mins)
1.Wheelock MT-24-LSM (After the alarms in my elementary school started malfunctioning while I was in grade 8, we had to replace the Edwards 874-N5 with these things. They didn’t scare me that much, but everyone in my class was confused if it was actully the fire alarm because we’ve never in our whole entire life heard such an annoying noise quite like this, it took us literally 5mins to figure out that it was the alarm, even though the strobe was flashing)

I would say the Edwards 892 because in Elementary School, they are loud :shock: and when I think about them going off it gives me panic attacks. My middle school had 892s also. But the difference between the 892s in my ES and the 892s in my MS is… ES: 892s non-vibrating and LOUD; MS: 892s vibrating and approximately low but loud when you are standing in the halls.

Hmmm…I’m not sure. It is hard to say but the Siemens that we had at my middle school was extremely harsh.

The ASWP. Definitely. We have one outside the Aquacultures Building that does Code-3. It’s loud, the strobe is bright and its obnoxious sounding with the rest of the continuous school. Even the 892s in the Modular Building do continuous.

The AS

I’d say The U-MMT’s,The Edwards 874-NS and Edwards Adaptabels.At my old ES,They had Edwards Adaptabels,PLUS one Edwards 874-NS Outside.
The Edwards Adaptabels are really ANNOYING,Especially The 8" bells.And the horn,Pretty loud.

as much as I’m gonna get flamed, tracked down, and probably beat, I have to say Truealerts. I recently inspected a college that had newer systems with Truealerts, and after about 10 minutes of those things blaring in these very narrow, cinder-block and acoustical ceiling tile hallways, it about drove you nuts.

at least they were synched. when I did another college last year, they were unsyched U-HNHs or something. that was actually disorienting after a while, with unsynched sound blasts and light flashing coming in all directions and at different times. not good!

I don’t find any of them annoying! I just like the sound of them! :smiley:

I agree. SPectrAlerts are in too many places.

Fire Drill today, and all though I was far away from it, I could hear th ASWP clear as day. It’s THAT loud. Plus, my cousin had her fire drill today. She has the teacher that has the room with the older AS. She described as as “turning off, then turning back on.”