Most helarious fire drill fails

i can tell you that the biggest fire drill fail happend every time, every time they would reset the system istead of silencing and the alarms would always reactivate

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I remember on the first week of this decade (January 2020), we had a fire alarm activation 3 times in the same week and every time the fire department responded and had to investigate the whole building except portables (We have a lot of them). Most of our class time for that period went to well use for safety training.

Turns out a student really did not like the 2nd period class they had and wanted to make sure time flies wasting class time.

We guessed that the student had to pay a $15,000 fine ($5,000 every time that happens.) and oh boy was in quite some hot water for doing that 3 times.

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a bell caught on fire.

What 3 times!? did he get expeled

I think the student might’ve had from those big fines the school would face.

Alarm 001 / 001
FIRE In System

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there was a girl during my sophmor year who pulled the alarm during a soft lockdown