Multiplex System Identification

Yesterday I was at a building where I saw this old graphic annunciator; it appears to be an old Simplex model. However, it seems to be for a multiplex system since the indicators and controls at the right of the annunciator’s map are labeled as being for different purposes. For what kind of system could it be? This complex was built in 1972 and has flush 6VAC Simplex 4040 horns with 4251 T-bars.

Also, the first four rows of indicators at the right of the map have “Lighting” written above, the small section below is labeled “Public Address/Music”, the third set of indicators are identified as “Doors Supervisory” and the last five lamps at the bottom are for the fire alarm system. These labels are kind of hard to decipher on the photo.

Hmm, it is likely it could be that the annunciator is actually the “multiplex” control of sorts, and the fire alarm panel itself is probably a large 4208 or something, while the annunciator is also tied into the building’s intercom system and other things. Simplex’s first “real” multiplex systems didn’t debut until 1979 with the 2100 series.

Interesting to see they still used 4040s in 1972 there; I imagine they may have been new-old-stock or something. By that time Simplex was mostly using 4050s and 4051s on their new systems! (I once saw a university building from 1972 with Simplex 4051+4050-80 horn/lights and 4251-20 T-bar pulls, but this is for another topic…)

Huh, I hadn’t considered that possibility; I didn’t even know it was possible to have such a setup. Thanks for the information!