my fire alarm collection

ok so here is my fire alarm collection


-wheelock MT-24-LSM-VFR (first alarm i ever got)

-5 system sensor spectralert P2W horn/strobes

-1 system sensor spectralert SW strobe

-est genisis chime/strobe

-simplex 4903-9219 horn/strobe

-wheelock ET70WP speaker/strobe

-est genisis ceiling mount speaker/strobe

-fire lite BG-12L (lock removed)

-est 270-spo

-a GE burgurlar panel thing

-and about 50 residental smoke detectors and stuff


-a system sensor MA/SS (1st gen,non-ADA)

-wheelock AS24

-a conventional fire alarm panel for cheap money

-some conventional 2 wire smoke detecotrs

-some conduit

-couple backboxes

-and lots of fire cable

what panel?

update on my collection:

wheelock mt-24-lsm-vfr

wheelock ET70-WP (red)

simplex 4903 9219

simplex 2903 strobe plate + simplex 9833

5 system sensor spectralert advance P2W

1 system sensor advance SW

fire lite BG-12

EST genesis chime/strobe red

EST genesis ceiling mount speaker strobe white

mirtone 270 SPO(adressable)

radionics t-bar

a bunch of phone cable

a GE burgurlar panel that is red