My last post before I'm blocked..

Jake, you pompous ass!

I assume this post will get me blocked, which is fine, because on the occasion I do check in, much of what I read is you degrading just about everyone, so I will not be back anyway. You have made it clear that you are a big shot licensed installer or whatever, and you know it all, but you don’t impress most of us, and I have the guts to say what many are to polite say. I’ve been around many more years than probably any of you, and I have seen people like you end up with others laughing at you and shaking their heads, often out of pity. I know this for a fact, as I am one doing the laughing.

Go ahead and rip me, for you personal satisfaction, and to impress everyone else, but I’ll never know, because I’m going to do what Ben did and dump this forum and your attitude. I hope others will do the same.

You young people are are future, and you do need guidance, but please look elsewhere for it. None of you should be treated as you are, and your parents should be made aware of it. If you just quit posting, he will not be able to respond. Or, someone start an new forum, and when Jake shows up, block HIM! I will continue to follow many of you on YouTube. Keep up the good videos.

Submitted with utmost respect. Yeah, right. :twisted: :mrgreen:

lol, this is so damn funny! I have to agree on much of what you said though. Damn, can’t remember the last time anyone on this thread presented the facts so bluntly.

I have to agree with both of you compleatly, Jake is a total dick to everyone here and frankly I dont give a shit about what he says anymore. He started out being nice to me, but now hes a arrogint ass who has no sence of modisity or kindness. But then again, what do we expect from a troll that spawned from 4chan.

One again FACP 07 I am not on 4chan but you seem to know quite a bit about it.

Firefly you are very welcome for all the times I have tried to help you with your computer issues and the PM I sent you to make sure you were ok and find out if you needed anything after the tornado.

Oh and LABohio