My school wants to know something very important.

Can the EST QuickStart (More like QuickStop) do a walk test while wired to a dialer? Will it contact the Fire Department? I would like to find out because a lot of the Schools West Fire Alarm Appliances would not work, so we might use a walk test to find out what the problem is.

Your best bet is to call the monitoring company and let them know that you will be testing the system. There are some cases where the panel (any, really) exits out of walk test mode and goes into full alarm.

Is the panel wired directly to the city tie? If not (i.e. it’s monitored by a company), a call to place it in walk test should do.

You can also disable the dialer, but I don’t recommend it if it’s being monitored.

Forget about trying to do a walk test, call a licensed technician right away! A large number of fire alarms not working is an urgent matter as the lack of notification will endanger people’s lives in the event of a fire.

Alrighty then, thank you! I am working on a 4+ page writing that states all devices in the building that are critically damaged and vandalized. Soon we will get some new devices for the school and eventually a new panel. This school is a hot spot for a bad & damaged system. Last fire drill almost all alarms on the west side did not work. That’s bad. We’ll stay out of that walk test stuff.

Sounds good! I apologize if I came off as blunt with my previous comment, it was just incredibly concerning for me to hear that an entire wing of a building’s alarms were non-functional!

While in walk test, Quickstart panels do not send fire alarm event code to the monitoring station (110). They do send code 614 Fire Zone Walk Tested. However, it’s a good practice to place the system on test with your monitoring station prior to test. While system is in test mode, it will not report the fire alarm condition. To ensure occupant safety, always post a fire watch while a system is being tested.