Need Help Wiring a Simplex 4262-5 Smoke Detector

If anyone knows how to wire this smoke detector, please let me know.

In case anyone cannot see the last picture clearly enough. There are ten wires connecting to the back of the detector: two brown, two purple, one orange, one yellow, one white, one black, one blue, and one black with a yellow stripe.

I do not have printed information on these detectors, but I worked on installations that used these. I will tell you what I do know about the connections. It has a transformer on it so it is a 120 VAC detector. It looks like someone added a reset switch to it.

Black - 120 VAC hot.

White 120 VAC neutral.

Two brown - trouble contact.

Two Violet - alarm contact.

Orange, yellow, and blue - auxiliary alarm contact, but I don’t remember which is C, N/O, or N/C.

Black with yellow stripe - don’t remember.

BTW, the pictures do not come through with the post but I copied the addresses and pasted them into another browser tab and could see them. Don’t know why that is.

I am assuming that based on what you told me, one would wire a power source to the back and white wires. With the alarm contact wires wired in with the initiating loop?

I dug and dug in my old information and found an original 4262-5 installation instructions. I will scan that later and PM you the link.