New EST Device

The Genesis WG4 series speakers and speaker strobes are suitable for a wide range of wet and harsh environments with a listed operating temperature range of -31F to +151F. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can be mounted flush or surface.


  • Outdoor or indoor rated
  • Wall or ceiling mount
  • Field selectable wattge (.25 - 2W) and voltage (25Vrms, 70Vrms)
  • Standard candela output models (15 - 87cd), field selectable
  • High candela output models (102 - 161cd), field selectable
  • Room side wiring

Kind of an ugly-looking strobe… but at least they finally have a weatherproof version. If they build another new elementary school in my city, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those there (as all the new elementary schools my city has built since 1998 use EST voice-evacuation systems.)

That’s cool looking. I didn’t realize they were coming out with that.

If they make it in white that would be pretty slick and low profile

If you go to the “Catalog Numbers” tab on that page you can see they make a white version.

Does anybody know if it’s the same size as the last Genises (single gang)?

I don’t see any running man on it though…

It must be two gang… It is a speaker strobe.

It also looks like it has a mounting plate, those screws are not where they would be for a 4x4 junction box.

If you think that THIS is ugly, just take a look at the ceiling mounted genesis speaker strobe. Its basically tear droped shaped and we have them everywhere where I live.

They don’t look ugly or teardrop-shaped to me…

Well true, the unit itself is circle, a rather large circle at that, but the way that the speaker and strobe are placed makes me think its tear drop shaped at first glance as the speaker is rather large and the stobe unit is rather small, making quite a contrast in my opinion.