New Simplex Truealert

Simplex announced they will introduce a line of addressable notification appliances called the Simplex TrueAlert ES. They are coming out later this year to next year.

Yes I heard! Here is some more info:

Self testing Capability


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How is this different from the addressable TrueAlerts they’ve had for years now?

Haha, they spelled Simplex wrong.

I’m dead serious! :slight_smile: Just click on Nathan’s link and scroll down; it’s in the blue navigation bar.

What’s wrong

Two i’s

LOL, SiimplexGrinnell.

It’s about time that they updated the TrueAlert. However, in usual Simplex fashion, their new buzzword “eServices” (ES) has been applied to a product that is only distantly related to it. While self-test and extended supervision capabilities are nice additions, their press release makes it sound as if these are not only the first addressable notification appliances, but also the first to be continuously supervised by the FACP. In any event, it is very unlikely that self-test will replace annual bell tests and is only an evolutionary step towards enhancing the panel’s reporting capabilities to the monitoring center (and, as a result, strengthening the proprietary tie between Simplex’s hardware and monitoring). As I’ve pointed out before, the use of a vague technological name such as “eServices” is a nice way for salesmen to bundle higher-end notification appliances with an ES-capable panel, making it sound as if the TrueAlert ES is imperative for compatibility. A name like “eServices” is also good for masking the impression of what is actually a large quantity of physical devices coupled with wiring and labor, all while sounding like a magical technology in the sky.

There’s my Simplex rant for the night. From a business perspective, it’s actually quite brilliant. But for facilities managers and developers, it’s a brilliant trap. And for us collectors, it’s just a new product to watch out for on eBay.

Oh lol I missed that maybe they are trying to have a google consept :mrgreen: the one thing I noticed is tyco all rights reserved

It’s not like we’ll be able to use it, without getting arrested. :mrgreen:

What is different from addressable NA’s then other NA’s

I don’t get it.

Standard notification appliances are conventional - the panel cannot communicate with individual alarms on the NAC. With addressable notification appliances, the panel can tell you exactly which device has a problem and can test or disable individual devices.

I think he meant that because none of us have a 4100ES or 4010ES, the only way we could ever set one off is to pull an alarm in a public building.

I would think that the new design will also be brought to conventional TrueAlerts as well.

So will addressable alarms work with out an addressable NAC?

No, addressable TrueAlerts will only work on the 4100U, 4100ES, or 4010-series with the addition of a TrueAlert Addressable Controller.

Oh ok thank you for your help destin

Yes, I discovered this on the 19th of June. Anyone know more about what they are advertising as “self-testing”? Is it stricter communication from the panel or something?

Panel:Are you ok


Previous addressable NA’s have been able to do that, but self-testing means that the device is capable of knowing if the audible or strobe is non-functional. Xenon strobes occasionally burn out, but there’s usually no way for the panel to know since the device’s addressable module continues to report as normal.

That’s why I’m confused. How would the panel know if the device has an inoperable piezo or strobe?

Could you imagine if the horns just randomly went off every so often to test themselves?