notifier 640 slc all devices invrep

i am having trouble with a notifier 640 on the SLC loop all the devices hooked up to the 1st SLC loop keep coming in as a invrep(invalid response i do believe)we unplug the slc loops from the 4 or 5 cards that is running off the 1st SLC loop.The invrep clears and goes back to normal but always seems to come back day or 2 later.i metered the SLC loop and is a steady 14.85. Is the main panel about to go out or could it be from a card itself or maybe a ground fault is coming in but isnt locking in. My boss and i cant figure out what is wrong and nothing is open in the loop and nothing comes in just that all the devices are invrep.if any ideas please help thanks

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Sounds like the SLC card is starting to go bad.

I can’t think of anything else, but I would maybe contact your local Notifier distributor and have a software update performed on panel and the SLC card. It could be a software glitch. If that doesn’t work, then I would probably think the same thing as @randomperson and the SLC card is shot and it needs to be replaced.

having any Loop fault like Ground, Style 6 Neg. / Pos.? if yes, please solve them first.

Or you can try to remove the current SLC wiring from the Loop card, and connect directly 3 or 5 devices to the card at control panel, NOT using current SLC wiring, and check it some days… to see what happen?