notifier 640 slc all devices invrep

i am having trouble with a notifier 640 on the SLC loop all the devices hooked up to the 1st SLC loop keep coming in as a invrep(invalid response i do believe)we unplug the slc loops from the 4 or 5 cards that is running off the 1st SLC loop.The invrep clears and goes back to normal but always seems to come back day or 2 later.i metered the SLC loop and is a steady 14.85. Is the main panel about to go out or could it be from a card itself or maybe a ground fault is coming in but isnt locking in. My boss and i cant figure out what is wrong and nothing is open in the loop and nothing comes in just that all the devices are invrep.if any ideas please help thanks

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Sounds like the SLC card is starting to go bad.

I can’t think of anything else, but I would maybe contact your local Notifier distributor and have a software update performed on panel and the SLC card. It could be a software glitch. If that doesn’t work, then I would probably think the same thing as @randomperson and the SLC card is shot and it needs to be replaced.

having any Loop fault like Ground, Style 6 Neg. / Pos.? if yes, please solve them first.

Or you can try to remove the current SLC wiring from the Loop card, and connect directly 3 or 5 devices to the card at control panel, NOT using current SLC wiring, and check it some days… to see what happen?

Hi there. Have you tried connecting the loop1 field cabling to another loop card. See if the devices stay online or crash the network. You may get mismatched devices etc but this way you can see if the card 1 is bad. If you have the time and have an original copy of the program try programming loop 1 devices on another card and monitor for activity. Of course you’re gonna have to wipe the program but then reinstall once you’re done.