Notifier AFP-200 Help.

I need tech help on a Notifier panel that I adopted. I am not a Notifier Dealer b/c I have not drank the Kool-Aid. Is there a Fire-Lite Panel that is similar enough to a Notifier AFP-200 that I can call Fire-Lite tech support for the Fire-Lite Panel equivalent but have it applicable to the Notifier AFP-200?

Or… If someone here can help direct me to checking programming for the 8 Relay outputs on the side of the Notifier AFP-200 panel that would be great as well.

The Fire Relays tie into separate zones on a Combo Burg/Fire Zone so that the Burg/Fire panel communicates on behalf of the Fire Panel as well as the Burg stuff.

Except for the relays being tied into different Burg Zones, All the programming on the Fire Panel side for those relays should be identical - They trip and it opens a zone on the burg panel and sends a signal.

I am having issues with the Flow witches (Relay 3) not tripping. I am wondering if something accidentally got changed in programming for that relay. I want to simply compare the programming for Relays 1 and 2 (1=Duct Dets and 2=Pulls) to that of Relay 3 to see if there is a difference as they all should be programmed exactly the same way.

Just not sure where to look for that programming. Once I find the location I can take it from there, (I think).

Thank you