(Official) Post Editing Time / Function Change

How should the forum handle post editing?

  • 1 minute. (Current Setting)
  • 5 minutes. (Nathan)
  • Decrease or eliminate (John)
  • Indefinite (Simplex 4051)
  • 24 hours, but unable to double-post (tsscman)
  • Indefinite until someone replies to the topic (NewAgeServer)
  • Combination: Indef until reply, unable to double-post.
  • Other idea (Please Specify!)

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I’m taking the suggestion as a petition and creating an official vote on how we should modify the procedure for post editing.

Please choose one option in the poll. It will remain open for five days.

Thanks for voting!

As usual, the results of this poll will determine what action we will take.

I chose the combination.

I like your idea better than mine, I just didn’t know phpBB3 had the capabilities to allow editing until a new post was made (unless a mod will be used).

I think the combination is a good idea, because it will keep users from bumping topics, if no one has even replied. Now, when I voted for combination, I was assuming that users could not double post unless 24 hours has passed, so their topic is not forgotten, and quickly moved to the bottom of the topic list.

What is double post?

When someone posts twice (one after another).

I voted for my idea, but I think NewAgeServerAlarm’s idea is better that it is indefinite until someone else replies to the topic.

Update: working on finding a way to make this work… Don’t know yet though.