Panel Wiring; Cable Management

I dunno man, like you can find tons of videos of neat and tidy A/V, and network racks, and you can find tons of videos on how to do a neat installation of an electrical service. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of videos on fire alarm burglar alarm dude/dudettes wiring up control panels and how to do it nicely. Us professionals, we know of course to lace the contours of the enclosure, save the gutter space on the bottom for the batteries, and try to shape your conductors a straight a line as possible… or just “hook it up and get out” because your boss told you to. You can find tons of videos of burg and fire alarms being wired in a messy/crash panel style.

I don’t know why I just thought of this. Tons of cable management videos for networks, A/V, and electrical, but not really any cable management videos for fire alarm systems. Perhaps it’s just my weird wiring fetish. Anyways, thanks for reading.