Pull Station on a "Bridge"

In South Portland, they built the new drawbridge in 1997. Not long after they tore down the old bridge, which ran right next to the new bridge.

They left some of the piers in place and built a small wooden walkway on them with benches that ends near one of the round bumpers that is under the new bridge. There’s a red pipe that runs down into the water, and then pops up and follows the walkway for a while then ends about 30 feet before the end of the walkway. There’s also some machinery underneath the walkway, looks like a pump. At each end of the pipe there’s a fire hose connection.

What I am curious about is halfway down the walkway there is a seemingly random pull station attached to a light pole. Any thoughts as to why that would be there? Near the pump control box there’s a locked box with a clear window and a switch inside labeled “WATER PUMP”.

It seems unlikely this would be for firefighting water drafting as this is salt water and there’s a hydrant nearby.

Update: It looks like a boat dock gets attached to this structure in the summer.

I don’t really know what to say about that. I have been over that bridge a few times, but never noticed that.

I’m talking about the small “bridge” next to the new Casco Bay Bridge that got built on the piers of the old Million Dollar Bridge after they tore it down. The light pole with the pull station would have been in the middle of a lane of traffic if it were on the Million Dollar Bridge. I’ll take some photos next time I am there.