Question About Canadian Simplex Bells

Ok, so I have seen three different types of Simplex fire alarm bells in my lifetime (four if you include the -9332 and -9333s), and I was wondering if there is a difference between any of them.

First of all, my school has Simplex 2901-9722 and -9723 bells, and they have white labels.

My elementary school had 2901-9724 bells. I know these are motor bells, but these have reflective white labels. They also have 10 inch bells that are somewhat cone-shaped and have TINY labels.

So, my question is, what is the difference between these bells? When were they made and which companies originally made them? Which ones are electromagnetic and which ones are motor-powered?

I’m not very familiar with Simplex’s bells, but I know for sure that Wheelock made/makes some of Simplex’s motor bells, and I’m willing to bet that they make some of the other ones that Simplex sells too.

I’ve watched a few videos, and I think that the current range of motor bells is made up of rebranded Potter bells, since:


  • There are slits cut in the sides of the gong
    The Potter bells have the same problem as my Simplex bell with the striker resting on the gong
  • [/list]

    As for the older vibrating bells, I think they were rebranded Edwards bells, since they sound almost identical.

    That may be likely. I remember some 6-inch Canadian Simplex bells apparently being rebranded Wheelock bells. They sounded exactly identical!

    Of course here in the states, Simplex would probably use Potter and Wheelock bells branded as they are, since Faraday does not make fire alarm bells anymore. (I think they still make bells for generai/industrial-signaling, but that’s a different story), and Simplex stopped rebranding Faraday’s stuff around the mid-2000s (I actually recall seeing a U-MMT horn-only unit on a modern 4903 strobe plate!)
    I’m even reminded Dan M. showing at UAlbany, a renovated sub shop in the campus center extension replaced its 10-inch Simplex bell and 4903-9105 strobe plate with the Faraday-branded equivalent bell and a newer Simplex strobe plate. Then a while back, another Simplex bell/strobe broke down and was replaced with a 10-inch Wheelock bell on an RSS strobe plate (it does make sense, as the campus mainly uses Simplex systems with Wheelock signals.)

    If anybody’s interested, here’s a Simplex catalog sheet for some of their Canadian bells.