Question about different decibels on fire alarms

Hi, So i was wondering what the decibel rating was on some fire alarms. Ill list them below.
Also, this is only Horn strobes. Not chime strobes or speaker strobes low-frequency sounders and bells.

Simplex Truealert
Simplex 4903, First gen sound and the second-gen or the one that sounds like a Truealert.
EST Pre-Integrity
EST Integrity
EST Genesis. First Gen and second-gen
Edwards Adaptahorns
Wheelock Led exceeder
Wheelock Exceeder
Wheelock AS
Wheelock NS
Federal signal 450D
And if you have more please bring those up. Thank you.

Most alarms are rated to meet or exceed a certain decibel rating at a certain distance from the alarm. Many also are tested in a controlled/constant environment and their dB level is recorded on their datasheet. However, that is a test performed under very specific conditions. Sound acoustics vary between environments. The NFPA actually requires that new installs be tested to ensure the audibility of alarms is sufficient.

You can find the dB information on the datasheet for most alarms. For example, here’s the TrueAlert datasheet for the ES series. A quick google search such as “est genesis datasheet” or “est g1-hdvm specs” should find you that info pretty quickly.

Lastly, I’ll add that several YouTubers have done tests with different alarms and taken dB readings with their phones to find which ones have a higher dB output. I don’t have any links off the top of my head though.

Thank you. Im going to my towns high school in 2 years and i wanted to know if my ears will get blasted out. They have a mixed variety of alarms. And they all work with an ADT Panel. All the alarms that are different are from different editions to the school.