As life continues to move on at its fast pace, I have been caught up in stressful situations. I feel some days that my life is moving way too fast and it won’t slow down.

And with all of that stress comes this-- GALLBLADDER issues are returning :cry:. I am at the point where soon, it will have to come out, which makes me nervous and more stressed out. I have had one minor (very minor, although many may think opposite of that) surgery a little over 6 years back.

Usually, I do not ask for advice (its usually just given to me, lol)–but, here I go–does anybody know how to calm nerves before possible surgery?

No surgery is minor everything has its risks. I know that is not calming but you should first understand the risks and what the complications should be. Know what you are up against and be educated. Next, just be you enjoy what you like and keep it out of your mind. Life does move as a fast pace I still wish I was 12 years old with no real cares or concerns. Don’t LET it get to you just push it out of your mind, with the things and the people you love.

Thanks for the advice Jake. I know all risks and possible complications with the gallbladder deal. It’s not minor. The other one I had was minor in the way that the procedure lasted for maybe a total of 20 minutes and I was all over the stores with my mom, helping her finish Christmas Shopping afterwards.

As for the whole “Life moving fast” thing, I just wish it would slow down so I could enjoy it more. We are about to be in the final quarter of the school year (which seems like it just started last month) and we are already 8 days into March. It’s not getting to me, just needs to slow down.

Okay no surgeries needed (for the time being at least). I am getting more careful in watching what I eat and I am working on not letting me get stressed out. So, no gallbladder issues.

I keep getting skin infections, but I am working to get rid of those on my own.

Glad to see your in good health! :smiley:

I remember when I was younger, that my mother had to get her gallbladder removed. She survived the surgery, though, so if the situation happens to arise that surgery to remove yours becomes a necessity, try not to think too negatively about it, since you are probably in caring and careful hands.

i definitely agree with jake, do stuff to keep your mind off of it. listen to your doctors, if they say something has to be done (if its really serious, get a 2nd opinion), they’re probably right. most of the time we’re better off accepting professionals’ medical advice than creating our own. and if you’re just absolutely in pieces just before something like that would happen, it is expensive, but laughing gas is a miracle cure.