Rare alarm media

Anyone have a clue on what this is. I found this online…

I also found this…a white 4903-9101 strobe. Credit to Nathan H. For the photo on his system test one video.

Shoot I meant to post it in fire alarm media. Sorry if it looks out of place.



A really strange panel…

A blue commander 3… Is it from the smurfs?

A rebrand Of a chevron pull…

This is a rare autocall fire department phone plugin from the 1970s.

This is an electrovox alarm. In the US,these are not common.

That chevron looks awefully familiar…

I actually took some of the photos posted above so I can help you out with some information about those devices.

That Simplex device is a watchman’s station at a local performing arts centre. The building previously had a Simplex 2120 system, and I believe that this station might’ve been connected to that panel. This place currently has a 4100, and the watchman’s stations appear to be disconnected.

This panel is actually an Edwards 456C annunciator for a Custom 6500 fire alarm system at a restaurant in my area. The one pictured is pretty small (probably one of the smallest cabinets available for these annunciators) compared to others I’ve seen.

If you’re interested, I have a bunch of other photos of uncommon alarms (including more Electro Vox stuff and different versions of that Edwards annunciator) on my Photobucket account.

The official largest exit sign I’ve ever seen on the internet…

A green lense spectralert…

The blue Commander is GECB24PWB. I’ve only seen them as exit alarms at newer Lowe’s™ stores. I also have one in my collection.

Yea, the bilingual signs do tend to get quite large.


<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.tnb.ca/en/brands/emergi-lite … 2-2013.pdf”>http://www.tnb.ca/en/brands/emergi-lite/modules/Files/el_351c_EL_ENG_C8ES10-C8SE10_30-12-2013.pdf</LINK_TEXT>

they also have different orientations.

ABB Electrification - Brands - Emergi-Lite - Exit & Bilingual Signs

I remember seeing these everywhere back in late May of 2001 while at Toronto International.

Here’s a rare bilingual standard electric 20017 pull station

It’s not even bilinugal, its just straight French.

But it is a cool find! I’ve never even seen an English one in person.

Those Standard Pulls are cool. I just about had an opportunity to get one myself, though I don’t think that will happen, unfortunately.

ADT t-bar?