Request a System Test

Hey guys! I’m changing it up a bit and letting you guys decide what devices will be in my next system test. Here is the link to the Google Form if you’re interested:


Don’t know if you already have decided on the devices to use in the system test but I submitted what I wanted to see in the system so if you need more ideas, mine is up there.

I maybe should have clarified, I’m going to go through these things 1 by 1. So far you are number 5 on the list, which means your video will likely be in 5 weeks (planning to make the Home System Test videos every Friday) so as long as people are filling out the form, I’m going to keep making the videos! per request! So far, I’m getting requests for A LOT of requests for the same devices you guys have asked for, so… that makes my life easier because I don’t have to change devices so often! :lol:

Well thats really great then because I do wanna see my devices that I chose used in the system because it would really bring back memories for me and O think that my choices for alarms at least are very unique.