Should I save these systems?

My elementary school and middle/high school have Simplex 4002 panels with Simplex T-bars, Edwards 270-SPOs, and a lone Siga for pulls. Heats are Edwards and Simplex and smokes are Simplex Truealarm. The horns are Simplex 2901-9840s with Simplex 2904-9101 strobes mounted above them, there are a few Simplex 4903s and Simplex 4904s, and some EST Genesis horn strobes/strobes in new additions. Sould I save these systems when they get replaced?

I say you most certainly should; any system is worth saving if you ask me, no matter if it’s new or old.


Any system with that level of variety is definitely worth saving.

Hell , I’d save that system

I’ll leave that up to you. You do need to think about the logistics of getting those devices, though – depending on what connections you have, it may not be easy.

Just found out to that what I thought was a 4002 at the elementary school was really a 4001 and it’s in really good shape.