Simplex 2001-8023 blown R4 resistor

Ok. So ive been scrolling through ebay in the market for some old panels and i came across a few listings for Simplex 2001-8023 parts such as a cabinet, a motherboard, transformer, etc. Im debating on investing in some of the components to build one from scratch. However, the 2 current listings both have a blown R4 resistor. (See picture). For those who have 2001s, could anyone possibly tell me what kind of resistor is used on R4 and if its even worth
buying to mess with.

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According to this from the wiring diagram it appears to be a 1K Ohm resistor, which seems plausible based upon the colors I can kind of make out in your picture. To be clear, a 1K Ohm resistor should be image. In your picture, I think I see gold and brown, but the middle colors are hard to make out.

Thanks for pointing that out. Idk why i didnt just simply look at the diagram first. Thanks again.

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