Simplex "212" Pull Station?

So, out of curiosity, who currently owns the Simplex “212” coded pull station now? You know, the one that went around the community to xsk8r114, Destin, WheelockAlarms, CJgoot, and Andrew. Did it get sold to someone else or does Andrew still own it? I feel like it has such a history among this community that it sorta should be passed around like some sort of heirloom.

[attachment=0]212 pull.png[/attachment]


I’m assuming that it is still in Andrew’s possession but considering that he isn’t as involved in fire alarms anymore he might have gave it to someone.

He’s not done with fire alarms, he’s just way too busy with life that he cannot make fire alarm videos as frequent as he did when he was a teenager.

Huh. When I watched his video about it, I got the impression that his interest with fire alarms had waned and he wasn’t gonna set up anymore systems.

Maybe there was multiple stations that had this 2-1-2 coding… We maybe will never know.

Another coded pull I’m inquiring about, Dan’s Edwards 4-4 coded pull, I wonder what happened to that thing.