Simplex 4005 programming

Hello there, I’m Corey.

Here’s my issue. I have a Simplex 4005 with two outside visuals; one blue for a waterflow switch and one white for general alarm. The AHJ wants the blue visual to come on only with the waterflow switch & not the white visual. The blue visual is on it’s own NAC circuit while the white visual is tied in to the inside NAC’s I believe. I did not do the wiring so I am not 100% on how the white visual is wired. The way it is now is that when the waterflow switch trips, both outside visuals activate. Is it possible to program the 4005 to have the blue visual to turn on with a waterflow with the NAC’s inside and not have the white visual turn on?

Someone PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong, but here goes…

This requires some wiring; I’m sure there is an easier way to do this via programming.

Try this- wire the waterflow to a supervisory zone. Then, run the blue visual through the supervisory relay. You’ll need another 24VDC power supply, though. Does the 4005 have resettable power?

NOTE: Don’t do this yet, I want to make sure it’s verified. Stay tuned…

Also, please don’t hold me liable, as I have no professional experience; just my ideas. Thanks! :wink:

I won’t be going back out until Wednesday but I did find out that the white visual is wired to the horns and strobes inside the building instead of having a direct circuit back to the panel. That will be fixed on Wednesday and as for the 24VDC resettable power, I’m not sure about that

Green, let me handle this since I have a 4005. :wink:

Your suggestion would most likely lead to a code violation pretty quickly as the circuit for the blue light would not be supervised. Also, there’s no supervisory relay by default, you’d have to program one in.

Corey, it is possible to program the 4005 to do exactly what you describe.

Is this what the AHJ wants to happen?

Fire alarm from a pull, smoke, heat etc = white

Fire alarm from a waterflow switch = blue

In order to do this, both of the lights would have to be on separate NACs. If this needs to be corrected, then that would have to be done. If you leave the white light on the same NAC as the horn/strobes then you’d have both a blue and a white light on a waterflow event and just a white light on a general alarm event.

  1. What output circuits are used for the blue and white lights?
  2. What zone has the waterflow switch?
  3. How does your AHJ require the panel to handle waterflow?

    Basically what is going to happen here is you will need to do the following:
  4. Program one of the List points on the panel to have all of the fire alarm zones
  5. Program both of the output circuits for the lights as Visual Circuits that are on until reset.
  6. Write two SMPL scripts:

    For this example I am going to use points 20-03 and 20-04 for the white and blue lights, respectively, and I am going to use 19-04 for the waterflow switch. I’ll also use 31-10 for the List point. If you’re familiar with how the 4005’s point system works, you’d understand. Once I get some information from you I can modify these scripts to fit your scenario.

→ Equation 1
ANY 1 FIRE DET 31-10
→ End of Input
HOLD ON 20-03 Pri 9,9
→ End of Output

→ Equation 2
FIRE 19-04
→ End of Input
HOLD ON 20-04 Pri 9,9
→ End of Output

Basically what is happening here is:

  • Equation 1 is listening for a fire alarm on at least one of the zones in List 31-10 and will turn on the white strobe on the event of an alarm.
  • Equation 2 is listening for a fire alarm on the waterflow switch and will turn on the blue strobe on the event of an alarm.

    Both strobes will stay on until the panel is reset because I used “HOLD” instead “TRACK”. Using the latter would shut the strobes off once the abnormal condition gets cleared.

    SMPL programming overrides general alarm (default) programming in the panel, so nothing else would have to be done.

    Let me know what you’ve got and I can adapt those equations to your situation.



Thank you for stepping in; I don’t want anyone to get in trouble. 8)

I accidentally used knowledge from other panels not as complex as the 4005.


I’ll answer in blue next your questions but I won’t have accurate answers until Wednesday at which time I can post from my phone (hopefully) but you have actually helped me tremendously with showing the equations needed to be used.

I am heading out to the job site first thing in the morning so as soon as I get there, I’ll post what the points are for the waterflow switch and then the new outside visuals.

Ok, Waterflow is on 19-3, the blue visual is on 21-1 & the white visual is on 21-3

This assumes you have both strobe circuits - 21-01 and 21-03 set for “Visual (On Until Reset)” and all your fire alarm zones are in a list (such as 31-10)…

→ Equation 1
ANY 1 FIRE DET 31-10
→ End of Input
HOLD ON 21-03 Pri 9,9
→ End of Output

→ Equation 2
FIRE 19-03
→ End of Input
HOLD ON 21-01 Pri 9,9
→ End of Output

Let me know how it goes.

I know when I was out there on Wednesday that I couldn’t get the [ANY] qualifier to show up and the programming manual really doesn’t give much information on how to do that. I also noticed that the output points weren’t showing up while scrolling through the points which tells me that they need to be set to “Visual (On Until Reset)”. So my question now is, is the [ANY] qualifier tied to the points in the list, for example, 31-10?

Update to this post. I created a list for all the zones & placed them into List 31-10 but the [ANY] qualifier would not come up no matter what I tried. Also, the point numbers for the two outside visuals would not show up in the output equation, points would go from 01-xx right to 29-xx. At this point I’m not sure what to do

Not sure if this matters or not but the system revision is 1.05.01

Let me play with it on mine, I think to get the ANY qualifier to show up you have to set the point number first and if it is a valid list point then you will get it.