Simplex 4006 missing lvl 3 and lvl 4 codes, any help is great!

Hi, I got a simplex 4006-9101, and I’ve had it for a long time and was given to me from a fire alarm company that received it from another company. When i got it, it still has the original dealers tags and name on it. Since it has been tossed around from fire and security to the next and finally to me, no one knows what the codes are. I called the original company, and discussed it with them, but there over 250 miles away from me and want me to go there.I really don’t want to brute force it, because that will take for ever and the buttons will likely be wore out. If there is a way to factory reset it that will work, just as long as it still is functional and can be modified. If there is anyone that knows a back door, or would like information regarding the first company please let me know, i just don’t want to post names and numbers in the open for all to see. Thanks for your help in advanced, any help is better than none, and I certainly cant do it without y’all, been messing with it for four years now. I seen in another discussion someone PMed someone else a back door, so if there’s a back door please let me know!

send you a PM.