Simplex 4246-1

Would anyone have a wiring diagram for this old system. I removed it when I installed a new panel and would like to get it going to place on my wall for demo.

I have a 4245-1 I got out of a grade school. It had a wiring diagram on the door so I was able to get that going.

I believe I got the class A loop wired to terminals S1, S2, S3 and S4. Both G1 terminals I believe had the old horn connected. Bit when Inconnext a bell to it, I get nothing. The Neon trouble light is bad so I dont know if that has something to do with it as well.

Any info would be great.


I happen to have the schematic for the 4246-1. The trouble light bulb being bad will not prevent the panel from working. Download the schematic from this link.

<LINK_TEXT text=“Dropbox - Error … l.pdf?dl=0”>Dropbox - 4246-1_Fire_Alarm_Panel.pdf - Simplify your life</LINK_TEXT>

Thank you for this.

Here is the issue I have. I have the class A loop connected. If I short out S2 and S3, I can get the operating relay to trigger. I can reset it and the alarm relay will go back to the normal position.

I cant get relay 4 to set. When I connect a 110 volt gong to G1 and G2 terminals, and set the gong resister for 110 volts, It wont trigger the relay. Would this be because I need to use a lower voltage bell/horn?

I was not able to get the horn and bell they had installed when I removed this because it was so high up in the air and we sent the lift back. It was only 1 horn and 1 bell. The trouble bell had to be 110. The horn for alarm I am not sure.

The 4246 was designed to use low voltage AC notification appliances. These had voltage ratings from 4 to 12 volts and current ratings between 1.8 and 2.5 amps. The appliances were wired in series. The compensating resistor was set with a clamp on ammeter to match the current rating of the appliances. The trouble bell was 120 VAC.

If a gong circuit was not used the compensating resistor (biggest one) was set to maximum resistance and a jumper placed between the gong circuit terminals.

Have you checked for voltage across the coil of the supervisory relay (4)? It is possible the relay coil is open.

The circuit to activate relay 4 is 120 volts from terminal R1, contacts 3-1 of relay 3 (activates if box circuit is complete), the supervisory current adjustable resistor, relay contact 5AL, the external gong circuit, the gong circuit compensating resistor, and contact 5BL. If there is an open in that path relay 4 will not activate.

I’m going to check all that. Installed a 12VAC simplex horn across the G1 terminals. Must have been what was installed before because the adjusting resister, its it position it was when I removed the panel, gives 12VAC across the G1 terminals.

The box circuit works and triggers the alarm relay. I could not read any voltage across the supervisory relay so I will go through and check what you said. I’m wondering if it could be a dirty contacts on one of the relays.

I will keep you posted what I find.

I got it working. I got my volt meter out and started at terminal R1 and traced it along the route you told me. I found that both sets of terminals on the alarm relay that the supervisory goes through were dirty. So I cleaned then up and retested and now the supervisory relay operates as should.

Thanks alot for the help and diagram you have given!