Simplex 4901-9805 Question

I know these horns are supposed to sound raspy, but is it supposed to sound like this? Skip to 3:00 for the activation.

Doesn’t it sound like it’s garbled or skipping a bit? Is it supposed to do that? I knew they were supposed to sound scratchy but not like that.

My -9805 had a tendency to sound like that, especially on my 9501+9105 strobe plate (similar to the strobe plate used in your video except the strobe does not have a reflector, much like the remote strobe seen in said video).

Heck, one of the horns heard in the beginning of this video sounded something like that.

P.S., here’s a better way to skip to a particular point in a YouTube video, by including a timestamp:

That’s pretty average as far as 6220-based horns go. I’ve heard smoother, but I’ve also heard much worse, to the point where it’s almost just white noise. Nice video, though.

That 9805 sounds just like the 9219 in my high school’s Aquaculture Building almost. It was in a very small entryway next to the bathroom and the building wasn’t that big so I would hate to be in there when it went off! Hearing it from the window is enough.