Simplex 4903-92xxH Horn/Strobes

I just received two Simplex 4903-9219H Horn/Strobes, and I’m trying to figure out the difference between the “regular” -9219 and the -9219H. Does anybody know what it is?

There is a mention of this unit, as well as similar units, on the UL listing page: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … sequence=1”></LINK_TEXT>

Not sure if you already know what the signals look like, but my best guess would be that the “H” refers to a horizontal strobe.

I looked it up a long time ago, and the “H” refers to devices designed for high-humidity environments. So they probably come with a gasket or something.

You are correct. Here’s a quote from a related Simplex manual

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 3-0006.PDF”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks, looks like that’s it. That would also explain why one of the strobes looked a bit weathered.

For the record, it looks exactly the same as a regular 4903-9219, even has the exact same label on the back (except for the H part).

I’ll probably be listing one for sale on eBay today, if anybody is interested in it.