Simplex 4906 series still in Production? Or are they obsolete?

I’ve been wondering, did Simplex get rid of the 4906 series devices already? Seems a bit odd to me, as they have been on the market for only about 10 years, maybe less. And those TrueAlerts seemed to be marketing pretty well? Or has Simplex already moved on from conventional notification? I don’t see them listed as current products anymore, and in their conventional device area, no datasheets are listed anymore. Just curious if this means the 4006 panel and the 209 9conventional series pulls are next. They had really good conventional products, but I suppose their addressable markets are really picking up now since all the ES series stuff came out a few years ago. They already seem pretty all-addressable as a company now as their conventional stuff is hard to find at a good price these days which makes me wonder if they’re already obsolete. I know the pulls are still made, but what about the non-ES 4906 series TrueAlerts?

Just something I’ve been wondering about.

Nope they still make 'em. IIRC, they don’t make electromechanical horns now, but they make replacement 4906s for them now. They have the same piezoelectric buzzer that the Truealerts have. (I still think the Truealerts sound lower in pitch than the 4906s.

Edit: Nazeo beat me to it! :lol:

Edit 2: Thought he meant 4903s. Oops.

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That’s good to hear! For a second I thought they were gone for good! Yeah the ES series is apparently higher pitched to fufill some kind of 520hz requirement; I do know they make a ES that is a low frequency sounder for hotels and stuff, but I think it’s interesting that they made all of them higher pitched. Not really a fan of that in my opinion, but I suppose it works.