Simplex IDnet Card Issue

In simpless 4100es Panel, whenever we disconnect loop-1, it shows idnet card-3 is disconnected. is there any way to display loop-1 is disconnected, instead of card number? and is there any documents where it says card number is actually represents the loop it is connected to?
thanks all.

I’ve only always seen Simplex panels act the way that you described it currently is… I know it’s confusing but it focuses on the physical card address rather than the logical card application if that makes sense…

You would probably have to reach out to Simplex to see if they can change it, but I wouldn’t get my hopes too high on that.

Programming filter will display card troubles if communication is lost at the card. Example if you have up to 250 devices on that card you will not have a no answer for every single device. If communication is lost a particular device you will get a trouble for that device and mabye a few others depending on their address.

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