Simplex Sync Strobes

Simplex’s original sync strobes flashed every time power was cut to the strobe. The NAC would have to be set to “pulse” (60 bpm march time) for them to work properly.

Are the newer SmartSync strobes compatible with (i.e. could they serve as a replacement for) the older sync strobes?

I know the older ones can work with the newer sync modules that work with newer strobes. It would be a safe bet that the old one can be replaced with the new one.

So basically, I could use my System Sensor sync module to sync older Simplex sync strobes?

If it has a march time setting, then yes. As long as it’s between 60 and 120 bpm.

Not necessarily…

I believe other people have managed to get theirs to work by setting the signal circuit they put the strobe on to Slow March Time (60bpm) as well. If your MDL can pulse at 60bpm, you should be just fine. Out of curiosity, do you have a panel?

I do not have a panel, but am working on making the Alertek 5001. Anyways, doesn’t the MDL cut every 1/2 second?