Smart meters...

I came across this article earlier about upgrading an outdoor meter to a more energy efficient model. Do any of you have this installed where you live, because I sure don’t…

There are two types of these meters really it depends where you live and what the backbone is. It would take a fully built out community with the system in place for it to work properly. In a basic system it simply allows the utility to drive by and pick up your reading in their truck this is the system we have in my area well the radio system is built out. I question a little bit of this article based on what I know about these systems but this isn’t a debate :slight_smile: What it really comes down to is 1) saving money by getting rid of meter readers and 2) helping catch energy theft.

Interesting; DTE Energy has a goal to replace all these meter devices in their coverage area, so we’ll just have to wait and see…

I’m pretty sure that my house has one of these. They upgraded the meters a little while ago

Most everyone one in my city has a smart meter, or as we call them, the DERP meters. These things break so often that our electric companys are switching back to the mechanical ones (which are better in my opinion). And plue, after a while, teh mechanical ones run slower, reducing your electric bill, teh other ones when installed gave most people a hundred dollar or more price hike in their bill. I specificaly requested o keep my mechanical meter while everyone else I know has a smart meter.

Ok lets see How do you form in opinion when you have no experience? Are you a meterman? Lineman? Electric company employee? Also how do YOU have a meter you are 15… You mean you called up and used your daddys name to the electric company?

Meters are changed when electric companys suspect something. They know your average use… You do not get a say in what equipment your electric company uses by the way… The system belongs to them.

Do you even know how an electric meter works?

Sounds like BULL SHIT

Okay, dude, shut up and calm down, jesus christ do you allways have to be a jerk when ever you poke holes in someones logic?

A. Ive asked my friends/relitives that have smart meters and alot of them have had their meters break and cut off power to their house/ buisnesses.

B. Yes, they do slow down, a investigation was even conducted to see why everyones bill hiked up after teh switch and it said that teh older meters had slowed down over time.

C. Yes i know exactly how a meter works, and how do you know im 15, I could be 75 for all you know, so STFU.

You said it in your profile…lol I also know based on your illogical and insane posts from the past where you made it pretty clear you are not 75.

Many times utilitys find people were actually stealing electricity or water when these changes into effect infact, this is why most utility’s change to this technology, to catch thieves.

They make mechanical RF meters that transmit the reading to the truck this is the proven technology at the moment and what we use in my area its proven to catch utility thieves and save the utility money, although out bills always seem to go up…

Mechanical meters may “slow down” but with a utility that is on the ball they never stay in service. Our meter was changed about every 5 or so years I have only seen a handful of ancient meters almost always locked inside a building. So they slow? What do you save 5 bucks?


No actlally, most people saved on average 75 dollars and some as much as 300, this is Texas, our air conditioners run 24/7 and so do our heaters in the winter.

Oh and the city of houston cant afford to change our meters every 5 years, so our meters ARE anchient, but work great!

Per year or billing cycle???

Per billing cycle, yes i know its insane, but average temp for teh summer is 96 and most people keep their houses at 68 ( i keep mine at 78 and people think our AC is broken)

Yea, that is insane you are paying WAY to much for electric we run two commercial grade air handlers and compressors here and that only totals out to about 145 a month for the two of them. Are you running multiple window units and electric heat?

HA window units, no, in Texas we have only commercial grade units, one to two for each floor and same for our heaters. My heat is gas, but most people around here chose electrisity cause they think its “green” but this is houston, there is NO way we could make enough green energy, we use coal, but I wanna join a SIG that is gonna push for nucular power

I doubt you are running commercial air units as we are running three phase. (Three phase is more cost effective to run) I’m guessing you just have a standard home AC unit how old is it?

If you want nuke just look at Japan. Your best option is solar for heat to be honest.

No, believe me, they are commerical grade units, some of the older houses have residential units. Ours are ingle phase and I guess they could be residential, but they have the output of commercial grade units. Mine are only about 7 years old, but my old hose has ones 25 years old and their still installed from what I can see when I drive by.

Also I think in TX and other southern states, air handlers are typically stuffed up in the attic where it’s already so freaking hot. In northern parts of the country, air handler units are usually in the basement. So someone in TX might pay more bills because the AC has to keep itself cool enough up in that attic.

Yep, I forgot to mention that. Our AC unis and Heating units are in the second story attic, as well as everyone elses. And we dont have basements at all, if you tried to put a basement in, you would hit the water table. Thanks for reminding me about that!