SOLVED: Simplex 4001 help

Hi i’m new on the board and i have a BIG Trouble with my Simplex 4001 I wired a pull station(Simplex 2099 series T-Bar) and a Horn/Strobe(Wheelock 7002T-24)

I plugged on the panel pulled the pull and Nothing happend :shock: !!!

I can’t took photos becaus my dad didn’t autorize me to tooks photos

Oh the panel shows Signal Trouble and Trouble Zone 1

I followed this How to:


I didn’t know what’s happening


Is the Simplex pull station addressable? An addressable station will have a monitor module on the back, which will either look like a black cube with four terminals (ID-net) or a large white casing (Mapnet II). These devices will not work with the 4001. Can you post the model number of the station?


no it is conventionnal

I tried with a 24VDC light bulb I pulled the T-bar and the panel shows now:

  • system Trouble
  • Alarm(Zone 1)
  • and Signal Trouble

    and the light isn’t on(the bulb is new)

    my dad buy the panel for my birthday(i’m 14 year old) i just had to mount my panel on a wooden plate and mount the 7002T(buyed on eBay) and the 2099 pull(I got it for my birthday too)

    I really don’t know what’s happening :roll: it is my first panel if it is a relay i can fix it(I repared my computer because a capacitor blew up)

    both I will recive a Simplex 4002(it will be a backup panel if the 4001 broke)

re the pull is a Simplex 2099-9754

I re-post because my previous post is no longer editable

Are you using end of line resistors on the zones and signal circuits?

Have you verified that your 7002T works with a power supply? Also, the light you’re using is probably not polarized, so it will cause a signal trouble even with an EOLR.

If the signal circuit is not putting out any power, it may be a blown fuse. Good thing is that it’s replaceable.


I used end of lines resistors on the zone 1(I have only the 2099-9754) and the signals circuits


The light came from a Simplex Light Plate(I can’t remember the serial number)

the 7002T works and it sounds very healthy :smiley:

I checked the Power circuit and it put 23.4 VDC I am sure it isn’t normal


Sounds normal. several panels don’t output 24v ALL the time(From what i have seen.

Most NAs can be used from about 20-35v, READ THE INFO FIRST!!!

I readed the information

but the power back to 24VDC

I will put 3 switchs on the zones 2,3 and 4 with End of lines resistors

Your spelling is getting very annoying…

The 4001 power supply output is around 23.5V.

If the “light bulb” is not polarized it will appear to the signal circuit as a short. The 4001 has short circuit detection on the NAC. A short will cause SIGNAL TROUBLE and the panel will not activate the circuit with a short being sensed. A normal NAC with just the 10K EOLR should have about -18.5V across it. If not check F3.

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I’m sorry… :roll:

I am just trying to help…

I replaced the Relays and the panel now works!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll try to add [Solved] to the topic title

I know i’m sorry too

I am worried about break one of my things

I was never the best in Spelling

But I think the 4002 is the Brother of the 4001

Oh I search the manual of the Simplex 4001 and the manual of the 4002 because i will recive a (Brand)New(to me(he he brand new to me :mrgreen: ))

4002(No I keept the 4001 :wink: )

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