SomeSimplexNut's burnt-up fire collection

Before August 19th of 2017, I used to have a small collection. It consisted of the following (u=unknown model):

Simplex T-bar pull station (u)

Wheelock 7002T Horn/Strobe

Gentex SHG Strobe

Simplex Horn (u)

Simplex TrueAlert Strobe with amber plastic light and “ALERT” text (u)

If anyone wants to make corrections, go ahead. I just became interested in fire alarms again, so ANY info would be helpful.

(Just saying, in August of 2017, I lost my collection to idiotic neighbors and a fire, ironically. And no, I don’t think any of them activated. :lol: )

That sounds like an interesting story…

Wow that sucks that you lost your collection. That has got to be hard. It is ironic that you lost it to a fire though. It looked like it was a really good collection.

The irony is interesting, but still sad though. Sounded like a pretty cool collection. Welcome back to the world of fire alarms!

Oh no! I’m sorry about that happening! That seemed to be a very nice collection of yours.

I bet you plan on collecting more in the future. Are there any you “saved” or currently have on ya?

I don’t think any of them were saved unfortunately which really sucks because that was the making of a great collection.

Just wondering, what did your “idiotic neighbors” do?

I feel sorry for your loss. I would rage in madness if it were me.

I’d do not only that, but maybe file a HUGE lawsuit.