Something I Found Interesting

This is at West Edmonton Mall. They have a cheesy space-themed amusement park inside the mall, complete with this miniature train that goes around the park. But do you notice anything different about this train crossing?


Hint: Listen to the bell!!

My school band visits Williamsburg, VA, yearly, including Busch Gardens. The train goes around and also uses single stroke fire bells on the crossings. However, what’s even more interesting is that some bells have been replaced by vibrating counterparts, so you get a march time bell at some crossings.

That was always fun for me, going to the nearby High School for the competition, then over to the park to ride the coasters and later, watching the results of the competition; We always did very well in competitions. Anyways, I seen/heard the single stroke bells but, I don’t think I’ve seen the other kind you mentioned.