Speakers, horns, or bells.

Which fire alarms do you like best?

  • Speakers
  • horns
  • bells
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Which fire alarms do you like best?

i like seeing bells the most, but I think speakers are the most practical, because they really can’t be confused for another notification device.

Speakers are my favorite but I also like old horns.

I like bells, thats the only type of NA I have in my collection, and plus i live in an area that mostly uses bells. Even my high school has some old FA system with some really old bells.

Speakers are the nicest, but all my schools (grade school and college) had bells, so I like them the best.

I like horns, both electromechanical and pizoelectric, but I prefer electromechanical. There loud and raspy and get the point across that something is wrong, especially when there in march time.

I would have to say horns. I have never heard bells in person and speakers with the EVAC feature creep me out.

I grew up on bells but I definitely appreciate the speakers a lot more now.

I grew up with horns and never really liked bells. Speaker strobes are okay but they’re kinda creepy.