Split from: Live Q&A Questions

For those who subscribe to Andrew on YouTube (obviously), you will see a video on your time line that says he is live streaming. You just click on it like you are watching a normal video. There will be no link provided here ahead of time due to the way the Google+ Hangouts and YouTube streaming is setup. Just make sure you view your time line at the time designated for your time zone for the video.

Maybe Andrew should also take questions via the The Fire Panel TeamSpeak server. Downloads and instructions found here. The rules found here will be enforced.

Jeez you’re obsessed with that.
I want the questions to appear in one spot only.

Also I apologize for not explaining where to go to view it… my aunt was trying to talk to me like an excited dog at the same time I was trying to write that post so I was a little distracted.

at ryan i already have team speak and know the rules did you want to talk over it now