Spoiler Tags

I think our forum should have spoiler tags.

I noticed that many people post HUGE pictures that mess up the whole page. If they enclose these in spoilers, the page will be normal, until we click “show.”

If you don’t know what a spoiler tag is, it’s a bbcode that hides text (or images) from view until a button is clicked.

I think it might just be better to auto-resize attachment images. The forum already resizes linked images within the text, but spoiler tags wouldn’t work for attachments and I think most would forget to use them anyway.

Yes, I agree. I’m not sure if this is possible without a mod, though. I’m also not sure if a mod is offered for this.

I also agree that the huge images are annoying.

Maybe there is a mod or setting to not show attached images until a link is pressed. I will look into this…

Since BBCode parses HTML and Javascript, I am sure something can be done without needing a mod.

I’ll look into it when I have a chance.

These are two setting that can be changed to help this issue:

Both of these can be found in the administration panel under “detachment settings” in the “posting” tab in the administration panel.

If these don’t help, you could always set a maximum attachment width and height…