I’m sure that this has been a topic at some point before, but I’m wondering what kinds of sports other members participate in. I don’t care if you participate competitively or recreationally, I’m more just curious. As for me (a junior in high school), I’m a year-round athlete on school teams, with cross-country in the summer and fall, cross-country skiing in the winter, and track in the spring (for you track people, I’m a varsity 3200 and 1600 runner, and I’ll occasionally fill in for a JV 4x4 or 4x8). In addition, throughout middle school I played basketball on my school’s team. I also do a good amount of alpine skiing in the winter for fun, and I’ve been known to play tennis from time to time.

The last sport I did was shooting golf balls when I was in Vermont visiting my paternal grandparents.

And I suck at it.

I did soccer throughout my teen years, all the way up until college. I was always interested in martial arts though, but my parents didn’t let me get into those at all. lol

I used to be in Basketball but pretty much gave up (although I was only good at throwing the ball and receiving it to the face after it bounces off the hoop :lol:) but I’m sorta a strong runner but when I run, there’s no way of stopping me (except fatigue or something barring the path) aside than that I’m not really the kind of athletic guy.