"Structure for Adapting the Height of an Alarm Actutor"

Has anyone actually seen something like this in use?

That is unique…

They make something a bit more appropriate for that situation the name of the product escapes me and my attempt to find a photo failed… However! I know that Wiley has posted a photo of it here in the past and I am sure if he sees this he will reply.

There is a product to move the pull station to a different height it acts as a raceway for the wire and a backbox all in one. It is a nice clean solution when moving the box is not appropriate like on a cinder block wall where it has been built in.

In other news… I found this photo well searching for the product above…

EDIT! Found it!! :slight_smile:


I have definitely seen that (or a similar product) before

So I guess this is just like a really big raceway then, not something that actually pulls the alarm like the other thing.

Yep. It also comes with its own wires for easy rewiring (like on retrofit plates).

Faraday made/makes a version as well intended for their metal Chevron pulls, but they will generally work with any modern pull station. Massasoit College has these in buildings that used to have old non-ADA-compliant Standard pulls:

I’m just curious, what are those BG-12s branded as? That logo looks kinda odd…

Yep; the new fire alarm system there is a Notifier NFS2-640 system, with the panel, pulls and RTU units rebranded by Johnson Controls. The signals are SAE VA4 horn/strobes on the inside, and Wheelock ASWP horn/strobes outside.